When we started doing marketing research for financial institutions, the idea that non-bank financial institutions would amount to anything was inconceivable to many of our clients. 

Since then, we’ve been part of the vast proliferation of financial services, helping our clients navigate the nation’s increasingly dynamic financial services marketplace. 

We have worked with the following:

  • AmSouth Bank 
  • BB&T Financial Corporation
  • Capital One Financial Services
  • Cashflow Inc. 
  • C&S/Sovran Bank (now Bank of America) 
  • Central Trust Corporation 
  • Centura Financial Corporation 
  • First of America Financial Corporation 
  • First Coastal Bank
  • First Commerce Financial Corporation 
  • First Florida Financial Corporation 
  • FirstGulf Bancorporation 
  • First National Bank of South Carolina 
  • First Security National Bank & Trust Company 
  • Gainer Bank 
  • KeyBank
  • Mid-Atlantic Exchange 
  • MidWest Financial Corporation 
  • Riggs National Bank